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Citizen Club

Access to Justice

Access to Justice ensures that individuals facing legal issues can readily access affordable legal assistance and navigate a fair and efficient legal system, empowering them to comprehend their situation and make informed choices.




UX Researcher & UX Designer [Interdisciplinary Group]


Figma, Miro, and Google Forms


Project Challenge

Design a technology application aimed at promoting and increasing voting access, engagement, and information for one or multiple New York State marginalized and underrepresented community members.

Provide access to digestible & engaging information about elections to motivate New York's youth voters [16-22], ensuring they grasp the impact of elections on both themselves and their communities.

Double Diamond
Design Process

Stakeholder Interview Insights

Lack of engagement for local issues; people have issues they care about but they aren’t able to connect how local positions can affect these issues.

Most young people are influenced or attracted by social media engagement and hence Instagram or TikTok can act as a medium for generating interest.

Getting young people involved in voting might start with them volunteering as poll workers.

Lot of barriers for underrepresented communities like lack of resources in a digestible format and lack of awareness.


User Persona

User Flow

Mid Fidelity Wireframes

Style Guide

High Fidelity Wireframes

High Fidelity Wireframes

What I Learnt

In this interdisciplinary UX project experience, I realized the importance of collaboration among stakeholders and interdisciplinary team members from various fields such as law, emphasizing the importance of sharing ideas and working towards a common goal.

Iterative refinement, driven by feedback from stakeholders, was crucial for continuously improving the design. This reinforced the notion that design is an iterative process of learning and refinement.

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