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Live History India

The project involved restructuring the information architecture, and redesigning the visual aesthetic of the website, to help users rediscover the many facets of India. The redesigned website reduced bounce rate by 30%.


Website Redesign


Live History India






Problem Space

The existing information architecture lacked optimization for easy navigation and content discovery, featuring broad categories and no filtering options, resulting in difficulty for users to locate relevant information swiftly, leading to high bounce rates and low engagement.

The outdated website design presented a substantial barrier to effectively reaching new audiences and expanding from local to global scales, impeding the preservation and dissemination of India's untold stories and strong cultural heritage.

Card Sorting

Insights derived from an unmoderated card-sorting exercise involving 25 participants significantly shaped the refinement of the information architecture.

The card sorting analysis underscored participants' inclination towards topic-based grouping, contrasting with the previous hybrid and ambiguous organization scheme.


& Colors

We reversed the color scheme, opting for predominantly white backgrounds with color accents, prioritizing readability and visual comfort.

Building on Familiarity


The redesign focused on maintaining continuity by retaining the widget style layout that users were already familiar with while also enhancing it with additional signifiers and functionalities.


The platform hosts diverse content across categories, it can be challenging to discern. To address this, we introduced visual cues at the top right corner of the content cards, indicating the content type. [article/video].

lhi .jpg


The website redesign resulted in a 30% decrease in bounce rate and an 18% increase in subscriptions within two months.

A System Usability Scale of 85% indicated the website's ease of use. This test involved 15 participants, all existing subscribers of the platform.


All Projects

Enhanced Navigation


The previous website displayed all content on a single page, lacking features for users to filter their searches.


We implemented tabs to enable users to efficiently filter through subcategories within the main navigation choices.

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